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Get Enough Sleep Helps Us Younger

We do SLEEP 1/3 time of our life. But we normally do not pay enough attention to our sleep. Like me, I’m a designer and I worked late at night for a long time in the past. Then I realized that lacking of sleep causes me many problems.

Sleep is very important and we should ALWAYS sleep ENOUGH.

There are many great benefits of getting enough sleep. Below are some, in my opinion:

Eliminate tired

lack of sleepSleep is the best medicine to help us recharge health. During sleep, the body will be rest and relax completely. Therefore, a good night’s sleep to drain fatigue, relieve stress, restore energy and keep the nervous system balance.

In particular, for those who often have stressful mental activity, sleep becomes important above all others.

Increases resistance

According to research by the scientists, when we sleep, the body secretes hormones necessary for the body. These hormones have an important role in strengthening the immune system against the entry of many viruses, bacteria. So please take the time about 7 to 8 hours sleep every day for a healthy body.

In addition, you should also eliminate noise, light, television or drinking too much water before bedtime

Promote growth and longevity

Sleep plays an important role for the growth of people, especially the increase in height during puberty. When we sleep, the body produces growth hormones are more than 4 times when awake.

Besides, sleep also contributes to slowing the elderly, extending the period of youth, this helps you younger. In particular, it is one of the important factors that help prolong life.

Protect the brain, improves emotion

get enough sleepGet enough sleep protects the brain, improve intelligence, improve memory and make clear mental. Thus, it helps us to maintain emotional balance, moderate, open-minded, sharper thinking.

However, lack of sleep can lead to neurological disorders, makes you irritable, scowling. This decreases blood circulation, cause many dangerous diseases and affect the quality of learning and work.

Reduce Disease

Sleep is the most amazing activity of people. Lack of sleep has a serious impact on health, even to life. It causes more serious disease like cancer in breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc.

A sleepless night can make your body into a state of drowsiness, lose direction. This does not only affect the next activity of the day, but also impact on the health of us.

Take care of your beauty

Numerous studies have demonstrated that, when we sleep, subcutaneous veins will expand, provide nutrition and oxygen to the skin. At the same time, it also helps remove toxic substances from the body. In addition, the growth hormone is secreted more than usual, to help regenerate the skin and keep smooth for the skin.

Contrary to, when lack of sleep, cortisol levels in the blood increases, the activity of enzymes will store more fat, your weight will rise again. Specifically, sleeping less than 7 hours per day can make us rise 6.5 kilograms per year.