Improve Your Bed with a Mattress Topper

n the course of sleeping add-ons, many customers have been familiar with the benefits of mattress toppers. A mattress topper is considered as the economical investment as it is going to be placed over the mattress which can help to lengthen the mattress usage lifecycle without spending some more money on new mattress when it gets worn.

In addition, thanks to the feature of being waterproof surface, i.e. the mattress topper can help to avoid spills and other accidents for sleepers at night. Even if your purchase doesn’t have the waterproof cover the mattress topper still acts as the protector for existing mattress. It is going to ensure that liquids fail to reach the mattress coverings or interior. In daily cleaning, it is much easier and convenient to clean the mattress topper rather than the mattress.


Mattress topper benefits sleepers’ ranges of comforts

Basic feature of the mattress topper is soft and light filled materials, leading to overall soft feeling of the mattress topper. The level of softness will differ from types of materials used interior. Some are good and beneficiary for a series of people while others don’t. In this situation, the right selection is important, however, sleep improvement is recognized anyway.

Types of fabric and cloth making the mattress topper vary in price. Generally memory foam and latex topper are top rated mattress toppers But each type of material will offer its own pros and cons matching with different styles of customers and personal demands.

How does mattress topper material look like?

There are two factors which identify different types of used materials for mattress topper that are: (i) texture and (ii) form. These 2 components are main actors in determining the firmness and comfort of the finished product. An ideal product should be the one satisfying the personal choice together with other outside determinants such as preference of partner, status of allergy and weather and climate of living condition. Nevertheless, a good and popular mattress topper can satisfy almost all styles and demands of sleepers in bed. It is noted that waterproof feature is adhere to babies or children.

Among various types of mattress toppers offered in the market, memory foam, latex and down are most commonly used.

Memory foam mattress topper

Memory foam is used for manufacturing both mattress and mattress topper. A memory foam mattress is pricy compared to others of its counterparts. In contrast, the memory foam mattress topper can be a better option while the cost is more acceptable with great benefit.

memory foam topper

A good memory foam topper by LUCID

Thanks to its specialized characteristics, a memory foam mattress topper are reputational for decreasing the motions of sleepers’ body and any movements at night in bed. A good memory foam mattress topper is magical to back pain sufferer or anyone who is suffering from joint and muscle pain. It helps to stabilize the posture of the body releasing the hurt and pain.

People who are in trouble with asthma or allergy must be more careful in choosing the types of materials to reduce any side effects which can affect the health condition. The safest way is to limit the access and touching of the bare skin to the surface of the mattress topper, in other way it is proposed to use the coverings for health safety. Cotton coverings will be safest for all. Memory foam mattress topper still has in itself some shortcomings such as the absorbing capacity which will absorb body heat making sleepers feel hot in winter.

Chemical smell could be claimed as other annoying problem of memory foam material. However, many manufacturers are fixing the issue by adopting new version which can help to cease the case of overheating. They even let their finished products to be air out before packing and delivering to the customers’ house.

Down mattress topper

down-mattress-topperDown feather used in this item is often coming from ones of geese and duck. The softness of the down mattress topper ranks it’s the first in this relevant list. Instead, down mattress topper is object to people who are in pain of joint and muscular aches which firmer topper will suit. The gentleness of the down mattress topper will make the peace of night while the motions of one is unable to interrupt his partner. Much like down natural feature, down feather mattress topper is warm in winter and cool in summer.

So, what?

After all, anyone who prefers soft and comfortable bedding will absolutely think of mattress topper, even different types could result in range of benefits but a mattress topper is famous for a long year lifetime of usage. The right choice will definitely depend on series of factors; many consumers find it not easy at all though thanks to its outstanding advantages in reality.

6 Wonderful Tips For How to Sleep Better at Night

For a healthy and active lifestyle you need to know how to sleep better at night. How you feel in your waking period will greatly depend on how better you sleep. Likewise, the solution for sleep problems can often be established from your regular routine.

Bedtime habits, everyday sleep schedule and also your lifestyle habits can have great effect on your sleep. Despite of all the problems, there are several ways to sleep better, such as:

Tip 1 for How to Sleep better at night: Diet to enhance the sleep

There are several foods that encourage better sleep during night. Drinking warm milk, yogurt and other dairy products that are rich in tryptophan will promote better sleep.

A cup of chamomile tea, potatoes, bananas, whole wheat bread and oatmeal can help with better sleep throughout the night. Also foods those are rich in vitamin B such as beans, soy, green leafy vegetables can promote healthy and better sleep.

Tip 2 for How to Sleep better at night: Regular workouts

Exercising regularly will help you sleep more deeply. 20-30 minutes of daily activity helps in promoting better sleep. Also relaxing exercises such as yoga, meditation or gentle stretching can also help promote better sleep. Learn to relax and keep your mind away from the things that stress or excite is the key to fall asleep.

Workouts help you sleep better – Photo from

Tip 3 for How to Sleep better at night: Make your bed welcoming

Keep your bedroom free from those clutter and chaos of everyday life. Try to keep the wall textures soothing and appealing, saturated and light warm. Spend some good amount on mattress topper to improve the comfort of your mattress. The more relaxed the bed and bedrooms are, the more conductive they are for a restful sleep.

Tip 4 for How to Sleep better at night: Better sleep position

Better sleep position can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep. Though it is not possible to control the sleep position, you can try to change it when you wake up in the middle. This can create a considerable transformation to how you sleep and feel after you wake up.

Tip 5 for How to Sleep better at night: Take a warm bath

A warm bath can provide great relaxation to your body and make your mind feel clean. But take a bath couple of hours before you fall asleep.

Tip 6 for How to Sleep better at night: Manage your stress and anxiety levels

Stress, anger and worry from the day can cause sleep difficulty during the night. If you cannot stop yourself from worried thoughts, particularly the things that are out of control, then you have to learn managing those thoughts. Or you can go to bed earlier to make sure you sleep long enough during the night.

If the stress is related to family, health, work or any other financial situation, then you have to undergo stress management classes.

Do You Need A Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

If you’re searching for a mattress that can help boost your sleep quality, then I’d like to suggest you invest in a memory foam mattress topper. Let’s grab something having the highest comfort level – it will give you a reasonable protection that you hardly find nowhere else. So do you need a memory foam mattress topper? Yes, you do and you should take action right away.

What is memory foam mattress topper?

memory-foam-mattress-topperA mattress topper is specially made to lie atop a particular mattress. This is mainly designed from foam with the great function that is meant to offering you a great level of comfort and coziness. Besides, with some visco-elastic foam toppers, they’re mostly used in every medical institution thanks to the pressure relieving features.

Still confused? For instance, if you’ve got a queen-sized bed, then you must need a queen-sized topper. And to decide what types of thickness you need to purchase, here are the best guidelines to keep in mind. For the 2-inch memory foam topper, here’s what you should know:

+ It owns a medium pressure relieving effect on the body while you sleep. For this reason, in terms of comfort, it’s super average!

+ Nevertheless, in case you purchase a decent topper, and you’ve got a little build, this could be all you want.

+ As you expect, this can be seen as the cheapest option to consider.

+ For a 3-inch memory foam topper, which is probably the size that most people would end up purchasing.

+ Comfort degree is amazing in case you tend to place it on top of a sturdy mattress.

+ Offers great pressure relief on both joints and back.

+ Not as comfy as a new mattress. However, if it’s all that you can afford right away, simply go with the size.

+ For a 4-inch memory foam topper: If you’re above 250 pounds, this is the right size for you! It offers additional support, which makes it perfect for camping if you have to sleep on the ground.

Why is memory foam more popular than other types of the mattress topper?

Will a decent topper last as long as a good memory foam mattress? Nope, it won’t.

memory foam topperA great-quality memory foam mattress can endure 10 – 15 years while a memory foam topper rarely lasts more than 5 years. This is one of the main reasons why a memory foam is more popular than other kinds of mattress topper. But if you like to invest in a topper, then read below:

Imagine that when having an irritating back pain, you need to be more careful when getting a bed topper just to ensure it to own a great support. For greater support, you must know that only choose the good-quality toppers with a density of 4 pounds or 5 pounds.

Pros and Cons of memory foam mattress toppers


  • First, it’s the level of pain relief you get from the topper. People tend to purchase a new topper just since they desire quick relief from their joint, neck, and back pain.
  • Second, thanks to the ease of moving and cleaning, toppers are the best options you should consider for your bed.
  • Thirdly, adding a mattress topper will give you an extra layer, so more comfort as well as help increase the longevity of the mattress.


  • The memory foam mattress topper is made with a number of chemicals and petroleum items. So it will produce a weird odor smell that can last many weeks.
  • Limited firmness degree. There won’t be many choices related to pounds as it comes to memory foam mattress toppers.

A good memory foam topper by LUCID


Hopefully, the article today can be useful enough to help you make the final decision when it comes to memory foam mattress topper. “Do you need a memory foam mattress topper?” I bet that you’ve got the answer already! The post has just shed more light on both benefits and disadvantages of purchasing a memory foam mattress topper.

Get Enough Sleep Helps Us Younger

We do SLEEP 1/3 time of our life. But we normally do not pay enough attention to our sleep. Like me, I’m a designer and I worked late at night for a long time in the past. Then I realized that lacking of sleep causes me many problems.

Sleep is very important and we should ALWAYS sleep ENOUGH.

There are many great benefits of getting enough sleep. Below are some, in my opinion:

Eliminate tired

lack-of-sleepSleep is the best medicine to help us recharge health. During sleep, the body will be rest and relax completely. Therefore, a good night’s sleep to drain fatigue, relieve stress, restore energy and keep the nervous system balance.

In particular, for those who often have stressful mental activity, sleep becomes important above all others.

Increases resistance

According to research by the scientists, when we sleep, the body secretes hormones necessary for the body. These hormones have an important role in strengthening the immune system against the entry of many viruses, bacteria. So please take the time about 7 to 8 hours sleep every day for a healthy body.

In addition, you should also eliminate noise, light, television or drinking too much water before bedtime

Promote growth and longevity

Sleep plays an important role for the growth of people, especially the increase in height during puberty. When we sleep, the body produces growth hormones are more than 4 times when awake.

Besides, sleep also contributes to slowing the elderly, extending the period of youth, this helps you younger. In particular, it is one of the important factors that help prolong life.

Protect the brain, improves emotion

get-enough-sleepGet enough sleep protects the brain, improve intelligence, improve memory and make clear mental. Thus, it helps us to maintain emotional balance, moderate, open-minded, sharper thinking.

However, lack of sleep can lead to neurological disorders, makes you irritable, scowling. This decreases blood circulation, cause many dangerous diseases and affect the quality of learning and work.

Reduce Disease

Sleep is the most amazing activity of people. Lack of sleep has a serious impact on health, even to life. It causes more serious disease like cancer in breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, etc.

A sleepless night can make your body into a state of drowsiness, lose direction. This does not only affect the next activity of the day, but also impact on the health of us.

Take care of your beauty

Numerous studies have demonstrated that, when we sleep, subcutaneous veins will expand, provide nutrition and oxygen to the skin. At the same time, it also helps remove toxic substances from the body. In addition, the growth hormone is secreted more than usual, to help regenerate the skin and keep smooth for the skin.

Contrary to, when lack of sleep, cortisol levels in the blood increases, the activity of enzymes will store more fat, your weight will rise again. Specifically, sleeping less than 7 hours per day can make us rise 6.5 kilograms per year.